Cutt's Custom Leather.


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Cutt's Custom leather is a one-man shop started in 1980 as a hobby. It is owned and operated by Bob Cutt, a recently retired police officer in Rochester, New York. Bob Cutt has had a life long in shooting sports and firearms, becoming a firearms instructor for his department in 1988. From 1991 until 2006, he worked in the Special Investigations Section in an undercover capacity and developed firearms training for the undercover officers involved in narcotics investigations. Concealment of their firearms was a key to not being ''made'', and his holster designs reflect this experience. 

Bob Cutt's main customer base has been local law enforcement agencies by word of mouth. Though with the advent of the internet he now has holsters all over the world in service with police officers and military personnel. He has also filled substantial departmental orders from police departments across New York state. He has also manufactured custom holsters in the civilian market in his area, producing hunting and concealment holsters to the customers specifications.